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Air Conditioning Installation Services

When you need relief from sweltering temperatures, trust Benzah Vent Cleaning LLC to install a new air conditioning system that fulfills your requirements and fits your budget. As experienced HVAC pros, we specialize in installing high-quality AC systems tailored to each property's needs, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and comfort throughout the summer season.

Whether you need to install a new unit or replace an old, dated one, consider us your top-choice installation crew. Call us at (407) 865-3295 to request more information and schedule a consultation.

Consult an Air Conditioning Specialist

Can You DIY an Air Conditioning Installation?

A high-quality AC unit installed correctly by a professional can deliver optimal performance and energy efficiency, ensuring a consistently comfortable indoor environment while maximizing your investment.

Installing an air conditioning unit yourself, especially central or split systems, is generally not advisable due to several risks and challenges:

  • Personal safety risks: Incorrect wiring can cause fires or unit damage, while refrigerant's toxicity poses potential health and environmental hazards.
  • HVAC expertise: Ensuring efficient operation requires a proper understanding of load calculations and ductwork.
  • Property and unit damage: Improper installation can damage your home and the AC unit.
  • Voided warranty: Many warranties require professional installation.
  • Decreased efficiency: Improper installation or lack of calibration can lead to poor performance and higher energy bills.

Portable AC Unit vs Central Air

When selecting an AC unit, you have the option of choosing between portable and central systems. Portable AC units are self-contained, freestanding units that can be moved from room to room, providing localized cooling. Central air conditioning systems are permanently installed and distribute cool air throughout the entire home through a network of ducts.

Either type of air conditioning system has pros and cons, and the right unit for you will depend on your cooling needs and space.

Benzah Vent Cleaning LLC's Air Conditioning Installation Services

As an industry-leading AC company, we've made it our mission to provide local residents with the best services to keep them cool throughout the year.

We offer the following as part of our air conditioning installation services:

  • Air conditioning unit sizing and selection
  • Removal of old air conditioning unit and disposal
  • Installation of new air conditioning unit and hookups
  • Testing to ensure proper functionality and code compliance

How Much Does Air Conditioning Installation Cost?

The cost of your air conditioning installation will be based on the type of system, the size of your home, the unit's efficiency rating and capacity, and the complexity of the installation process.

Central air conditioning systems typically involve higher costs due to the unit itself, labor charges, and potential ductwork modifications. While generally more affordable, portable units can still range in price depending on their cooling capacity and additional features.

Consult with one of our professionals to obtain accurate cost estimates for your specific needs.

Request Our AC Installation Services

You can rely on Benzah Vent Cleaning LLC's AC installation services to prepare your home for the hot summer months. We're experienced in installing every make and model of air conditioning unit and will ensure a flawless installation that maximizes your unit's effectiveness.

You can reach us at (407) 865-3295 to learn more about our rates and how to secure a service appointment.

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