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At Benzah Vent Cleaning LLC, we’re dedicated to providing outstanding residential HVAC maintenance, so your home will be comfortable, clean, and full of fresh air.

Our hardworking team of experts will give it one hundred percent to ensure that you get the best HVAC services possible. We’ll use our training, skills, and experience to provide you with exceptional service that will improve your home's temperature and air quality.

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High-Quality HVAC Maintenance with Benzah Vent Cleaning LLC

What makes us the best team for the job? For starters, our years of experience in the field. Then, our extensive on-the-job training. And of course, our honest, old-fashioned, local values of honesty and integrity.

As a small business, we’ve built our reputation on providing stellar service, reliable results, and doing it all with the friendliness and courtesy you can only get from your fellow Orlando residents.

When hired, we always show up promptly on time and complete our work in an efficient time frame. We do this by always using our high-quality tools and HVAC equipment that we get from trusted suppliers. With us, you simply get the best—guaranteed.

Trusted, Comprehensive Residential HVAC Maintenance

No matter what type of work you need, we can handle it. We’re trained in a wide variety of tasks, and we’re proud to say we can handle just about anything HVAC related. Some of our most-requested services are:

  • HVAC preventative services
  • Central air maintenance
  • Ventilation inspections and repairs
  • Furnace services
  • Air conditioner upkeep
  • And so much more!

From AC maintenance to heat and ventilation, we can do it all. Need multiple services? Not sure what you need? No problem. Call us now, and we’ll help you find the service that’s right for you.


The frequency with which you need to clean or replace your air filter depends on the type of filter, as well as your home environment. If you have pets or several occupants, your filter can accumulate more dust and allergens faster, requiring replacement every 4-6 months or so.

Higher efficiency filters, like pleated ones, trap smaller dust particles and allergens more effectively. This trapping ability also means they clog faster than less efficient filters (like fiberglass). So, pleated filters need replacing every 2-3 months.


The HVAC blower motor is the heart of the air circulation process. It’s an electric motor that powers a fan inside your furnace or air handling unit. The spinning fan creates airflow that pulls air through the filters and across the heating or cooling elements (heat exchanger or evaporator coil) inside your unit.

Maintenance for this component involves:

  • Visual inspection for signs of wear or damage
  • Cleaning of the motor housing fan blades
  • Lubrication of motor bearings
  • Checking and tightening of connections
  • Testing of motor amperage and voltage
  • Inspection of the fan belt for proper tension


There are a few signs that indicate your refrigerant level is low. If your home isn’t getting as cool as usual, despite the thermostat being set correctly, it could be a sign of low refrigerant.

We rely on several methods to check refrigerant levels. For example, we can attach pressure gauges to specific ports on the refrigerant lines. The readings on these gauges can tell us if the refrigerant is low.

A lower pressure reading might indicate a leak, while a much higher pressure could suggest a blockage in the system. Analyzing these diagnostics allows us to determine whether you need a recharge or a repair.


Your AC unit relies on two key coil components to cool your home: the evaporator coil, which absorbs heat from the air in your home, and the condenser coil, which releases the absorbed heat from the outside air.

Cleaning these components leads to:

  • Improved heat transfer: Dirty coils reduce airflow and make it hard for the coils to absorb heat from your home’s air. Clean coils optimize heat transfer, so your AC doesn’t have to work as hard.
  • Reduced energy consumption: With cleaner coils, your AC unit uses less energy to achieve the desired cooling temperature.
  • Prevents system strain: A clogged coil forces the AC to work harder, putting strain on the compressor and other components. Regular cleaning prevents this strain.


As part of regular furnace maintenance, sometimes making small adjustments to your system can improve comfort and efficiency.

Here are two common adjustments we make:

  • Thermostat calibration: Over time, thermostats can drift from their set temperatures. We can ensure your thermostat accurately reflects the desired temperature you set.
  • Airflow optimization: We check and adjust airflow, which could involve inspecting and cleaning ductwork for blockages, or making minor adjustments to the blower motor speed.

Affordable Heating and AC Maintenance

We’re not that different from you. We’re a small, local business, and we understand the importance of saving where you can without sacrificing safety or quality. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing affordable home AC and heating maintenance work.

We believe that all our customers deserve safe, reliable, and efficient home HVAC systems. With us, you won’t find any hidden fees or overhead costs on your final bill. Just magnificent work at reasonable prices.

Call us now for a quote or estimate—you won’t believe how affordable we are.

The Best Heating and AC Maintenance Services in Orlando

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